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Default Vegetable "pasta noodles" instead of real pasta spaghetti

For dinner tonight I used my vegetable spiralizer (just google it and you will see there are hand held kind and counter top kind in different price ranges) and made zucchini "noodles" (1 1/2 smallish zucchini). I sauteed them in a pan sprayed with canola spray until they were a little golden and softer but still with a bite.

Then I put on 1/2 cup of pasta sauce (I used Newman's Own's got a little kick) and 1/4 c real shredded parmesan.

It was the bomb. After I ate my BIG plate of vegetable "pasta" (a whole 165 calories and 12.5 carbs for a large plate) I took one bite of the regular pasta and man it was blah! The zucchini had so much more flavor. I'm so glad I bought that spiralizer and tried this. But if you don't have a spiralizer, I'm sure if you julienned the zucchini very fine that it would work just the same. It will just take more prep time. I left the skin on too.

All the carbs were in the sauce, so just read labels and find one that works for you. I just really like the flavor of the Sockarooni. Try the's scrumptious! And just compare regular pasta with the veggie serving of thin pasta (which a serving is very small, btw) has about 38g carbs in the pasta alone. The zucchini has .5g carbs!

I hope you try it...enjoy!!!

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