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Oh my goodness all your support and kind words make smile.

As for what I am doing to celebrate, I am flying home in a couple weeks to see my family and I need a new dress for a function. The celebration is not having to buy it at a "fat lady store"! Do you know how awesome that feels!!! To go into a store with my (super skinny 15 year old) daughter and we can both try on clothes at the same store! It is a dream come true!

And congrats to you too Luckygirl! Way to go!

Thank you everyone!
~ Sveva

I'm not a perfect girl,
my hair doesn't always stay in place,
I spill a LOTof things
& I am pretty clumsy,
but when I think about it & take a stepback,
I remember how
my life truly is,
And that
I like being
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