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Jenai, my day was unbalanced, too. I got busy with my grandkids being here on spring break and did not pre-log my food. That's not an excuse, it's just an explanation. I suppose I could have MADE time, but I didn't. Your turkey taco burrito sounds great. I had a turkey Rheuben burrito on Light Original Flatout with Swiss Laughing Cow and sauerkraut. Yum.

Debbie, I hope the chiropractor did some good to alleviate your back pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Wow, did you have a busy day! Also wishing you some quality ME time!

Non-scale victory: learned something from analyzing my Monday report.

Monday report: my day was unbalanced, too. In trying to get in more meatless meals per week, I need to adjust to keeping my protein up. I didn't get enough protein today from non-meat sources, so my percentage of calories as saturated fat is higher. I need to curb my cheese and keep in mind that my veggie dishes are lower in calories than meat dishes. (DUH, Mern!) I'll get the hang of it--I think I even have a list of good non-meat protein sources on my hard drive somewhere. Yup, Jenai, tomorrow is a new day.

Green=on target Blue=off target but still time to get my weekly average in line Red=missed goal

Calories: 1200-1500 1234
Saturated fat limit: average 12% of total calories 16%
Dietary Cholesterol limit: average 200mg 101mg
Net carbs limit-total carbs less fiber: average 25g 25g
Fiber minimum: average 25g 37g
Protein minimum: average 110g 83g

Log every bite of food YES
Water 64 oz. NO
Exercise 5 days
Post non-scale victory YES
Age 68, 5 feet tall
Highest weight ever in the fall of 2010 246 lbs.
FitDay starting weight 1/17/2011 240 lbs.
Weight 8/14/2014 lowest in a long time 224.2
Weight 9/23/2014 doctor visit 233
Easter Challenge Goal 220 Weight 1/26/15 236.8

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