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My day wasn't very balanced. I was pitifully low on protein and fiber, a little high in sat fat, high in carbs. I was under my calories but to add protein and fiber I'm going to have an Atkin's shake with milk later. Unfortunately that will put me over my calorie range for the day. Tomorrow is a new day.

I made another delicious dinner tonight for the family. Mini shells taco pasta with a thick, creamy sauce that really sticks to the pasta. However, I choose not to eat pasta so I took half a cup of the meat mixture (turkey, btw) and wrapped it up burrito style in an HG flatout, nicely toasted for a couple minutes. Only about 300 calories or so (guesstimating a smidge because I don't know exactly how much cheese or sour cream was in my half cup serving). But it was delectable. Very satisfying. That's the best, when your meal is healthier and you feel full and satisfied.

Wishing everyone a good day tomorrow!

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