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Eating fermented foods also helps your good bacteria too ie sauerkraut etc. What I've learned about probiotics though is they mainly help digestion and prevent heartburn. People only understand heartburn from a very simplistic point of view acid reflux = heartburn = must get tums to combat the acid etc.

When you have heartburn, 99% of the time it's caused by candida, a condition of too many bad bacteria in your gut often caused from drinking alcohol or having a high carb sugary diet, your digestion slows and gets backed up causing heartburn. Since your good bacteria, otherwise known as gut flora, has the job of processing/digesting your food when you wipe them out with a bad diet, you can't digest food properly and it starts backing up causing heartburn. Probiotics help replace the bacteria we need to get things going, digestion-wise and moves food quickly through your body down through the other end.

Heartburn can also be caused by taking antibiotics which kill your own natural gut flora. If probiotics are used while on antibiotics you'd almost never experience heartburn, thrush, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, all of the ails sometimes caused by taking antibiotics.

I don't believe they'd help you lose weight unless you're chronically backed up from eating a high carb/high sugar diet. If used like this, probiotics are more of a band-aid solution. It'd be much better and less expensive to clean up your diet than keep buying priobiotics to deal with a bad diet and health related problems.

Yogurt contains maybe at best 2 different types of bacteria so for someone struggling with candida or antibiotics wiping out their gut flora, no, this isn't a great solution. It's a good thing to have now and then in your diet but watch out, 90% of the yogurts on the market are more sugar and carbs than protein and probiotics (a good quality yogurt has more protein content than carb content, check the ingredients before you buy).

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