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Question Kids and Sugar

Oy. I just read a facebook post by my 12 year old daughter. Basically she thinks I'm a horrible mother "ever since I started a diet" because I stopped buying sugary snacks. She thinks she's going to pass out or something because her sugar is too low. (I've suggested we prick her finger and see how low her sugar is.) She also repeated what I say that when there are sugary sweets in the house I end up eating too much, to which she says in her post, "It's called self control." But I feel like I'm some monster and depriving her of a decent childhood because I don't keep the house stocked with cookies and candy. I buy fruit, and she especially loves blackberries, but she said in her post "berries don't satisfy my sugar cravings."

First of all, does this sound like a kid who is sugar addicted or what? On the other hand, she's not on a diet so should I give in and buy "some" (not a lot) of sugary snacks? (I know the post she made sounds really snotty, btw, but she's really usually not.) And is she right that I have to work out my own problems and use self control when snacks are in the house and not make everyone else suffer because I can't control my own self? Or am I being a better parent by not supplying her junk food habit? She has a little jar that holds 1 bag of mini chocolate chips. She likes to have those on waffles, or she'll melt them and dip pretzels in them. So I told her to have some chocolate chips yesterday. She said she doesn't like them plain. So I said to melt them and dip graham crackers. She said, "I don't like graham crackers." It's an on-going battle that I feel will never end. I don't know how long I can go without giving in. Also, btw, she often comments on her weight. She is absolutely NOT over weight, but she's a pre-teen so she thinks she is. And if that's the case, you'd think she would know better than to have sugary snacks that could make her gain weight.

I also feel they are too expensive and wreak havoc on my weekly grocery budget. And, when I do buy them on Sunday (shopping day for me), then they're gone by Monday night...Tuesday at the longest. It just seems like a big money sucker.

Sorry for the rant, but I am really struggling with this and really want to know other's opinions. Obviously since this a weight loss forum a lot of us will be in the boat of "They're not healthy, don't buy them" side. But I'm trying to look at this from all angles. Should I be on the "All things in moderation" camp and buy some? I am trying to teach them healthier habits so they don't end up like me.

But she was really not nice toward me in her facebook post, so now I feel like I'm some kind of horrible parent. Please help with your thoughts!

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