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All you bathroom scales junkies! Remember that the "numbers" are only a bite of information. There is much more to fitness. For me, if I don't weigh myself EVERY MORNING, I find myself eating things I shouldn't (Fast energy, low nutrition carbs) with the notion that I still weigh what the scales said last Saturday only to find that the next Saturday, I have gained 2 or 3 pounds! I am trying to maintain what seems to be my healthy weight (number) while trying to convince my body to distribute the weight more appropriately! For all of you struggling with weight adjustment, large or small, IT IS HARD WORK. Don't think you are going to get off easy because you only have 3 or 4 or 5 pounds to lose. It is just as hard to lose 5 pounds as it is to lose 50! Maybe harder! And if you have only a few pounds change, there is not much in the diet world that talks about losing (or gaining) only a few pounds. They don't understand US, but they expect US to understand THEM!
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