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Debbie, it's hard to say exactly how much I used in the single serving. I mixed up a great big batch for my whole family, most of which I added noodles to. I took 2 cups of the soup mixture out for my zucchini noodles before I added the pasta. So I'm estimating how much it would take to make a recipe for 4, which then you can figure from there if you only wanted to do one. Or make the whole thing and freeze what you don't use.

It may take a smidge of trial and error. My big batch would have fed about 7 people and I used 1 large can of soup and 2/3 large can of milk. Making a smaller batch would just be a matter of getting the consistency of soup you like and enough to cover the zucchini the way you like. So a lot of it is personal preference I guess. But I think my guesstimates in the recipe I wrote here would be pretty close to what it would take to serve 4. If you try it and I'm way off base, let me know and I can adjust it.

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