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Checking back it to report on my day. I'm off to a strong's the end of the week where I start to struggle. I woke up with determination this morning and happy to report I'll be hitting the hay with complete satisfaction. I did all I could do and more!

Keep calories under 1200 daily - Mon - yes
Burn a minimum of 500 calories daily - Mon - yes
Drink 96 oz. water daily - Mon - yes

- I don't normally suggest artificial sweetened stuff, but since you seem to really enjoy soda, can you switch to the diet kind? I like Bea's suggestion of herbal teas. In fact, when I was pregnant, I drank chilled fruity herbal teas.

Mary - Vegas eh!?!?! Bring back the sunshine with you!

Jenn - Hope your blood work comes back all good!'

- Hope your stew turns out yummy! I experimented tonight as well! I made myself a Chicken Taco Salad and it was very satisfying...but I'm still a little hungry so I may have to have a little snack before bed. Still have lots of room in my calorie bank

See you all tomorrow!
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