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Had to change my routine checkup that was scheduled for the 28th. I have labs Wednesday morning, the 26th. The only ones we really need to monitor closely are blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol which I expect to be high normal and that's fine since I've been able to manage them with no meds so far. Everything else is always normal. I expect my weight to be down only 2 lbs. or so from my last visit--but that's better than being UP 2 lbs.

Goals this week are to eat on plan
log my food
exercise 5 days
64 oz. water daily

Debbie, everyone is different, but I sincerely do applaud you on your decision. Our bodies go through many changes during life in metabolism and muscle mass and it is extremely possible that you are more healthy and physically fit now than ever before and that's what counts. What a great quote: " Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction."

Jenn, I hope your bloodwork comes out well. Kudos on them getting blood the first try!
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