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Cool "Eat to Live" with some modifications!

Hi there...
I am new to this. I have NEVER done something like this online. I was told eons ago by a doctor to try eat to live by Dr. Fuhrman. I was like, "no thanks, I would rather have my mouth sewn shut". Anyhow, with God's timing and my attitude change I bought the book. I haven't even read the whole thing but I started. OK--now here is the part which might irk some. I do the whole fruit and plant based diet but I DO eat a small amount of chicken and I DO have fat in my salad dressings. I understand Dr. Fuhrman wants people who have major amounts of weigth and/or life threatneing issues to do the six week challenge. But I was like, "I have to LIVE with this!!!" I am one busy mama and the thought of doing without EVERYTHING that I find desirable was just too much to handle. I did it and after one week -- 6 lb weight loss. I could not believe it. Now, this could be starter's luck but I am keep going on. I did have a cheat meal and one cheat night of buttered popcorn and wine ( I looove me some wine). But this blew my mind. I have 35 lbs to lose to get super healthy. I am very thankful to God and Dr. Fuhrman. It is hard at times but I pray to get through it. I also have tantrums to get through it too. Anyway, I just thought I would share. It is such a departure from the way I was eating before. I had never lost weight like this before when I did Weight Watchers (not to knock weight watchers).
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