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Hiya everyone
Well done SARAH im back on track my weigh in is every wednesday and ive lost 2lbs this week ive now shifted the half a stone i putback on. Im over the moon. I follow weightwatchers and im allowed 17 points each day and im sticking to it really well. Its always been the easiest diet for me to follow.
ELLABELLA i love my tea and its gotta be the Yorkshire stuff. I drink alot of it but i dont take sugar and use skimmed milk. It stops me snacking as long as i can resist the temptation to dunk a biscuit. Im kicking that habit now though! I also find difficultry tracking the foodsbut i write it in a little book so i know how many points ive had each day.
HICK- i love to snack on things too but im a lover of raw veg and salad but some other suggestions could be a tbsp nuts and seeds, 4 fat-free crackers,carrot sticks, 14g raisins, handful dry branflakes,5 small wafers,small pot sugar-free jelly,sugar free ice pops, tbsp low fat dip and 2-3 breadsticks,tsp extra light soft cheese with rice cake,25g plain popcorn. Ive really had to limit my snacks because i was using too much of my allowance through snacking all day and on an evening so now i just allow myself 2 small snacks-one at 3:30 and again at 8pm but only if i really need them. If i have my proper meals at same time each day i tend not to want to snack anymore. I have to keep a routine so i stay in control!
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