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Hi Jenai (I LOVE the name by the way!!)

I am not a huge fast food junkie, but I have been known to want it occasionally.
KFC is so freaking addicting! and I could throw a stone at one from my house.

The way I bypass temptation, is to realize how hard I worked at the gym in the morning, and to picture the scale the next day........ and it WILL be up (sodium in fast food is extreme)!! KFC is a heart attack in a box (or bag, or cup).

I guess the bottom line to me is, I am worth being healthy for! I have plans and dreams for the future and fast food and junk food are not a part of it.

I eat 3 times a day, no more and no less, and those meals are at home. What anyone else decides in between times has no consequence for me, because my choice was made a couple of months ago, when I decided to do this. I don't control anyone elses choices but my own

Have a good day today
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