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Can you find things on the McD's menu or the KFC's menu that are good enough to satisfy without having the calorie counts you mentioned? Whatever choices you make, if you can fit that into the calorie limit for the day, you can still be OK on your diet.

When you're on the road with the teenagers, and you stop for fast food, that makes sense. They're not on diets!

However, there's another ritual that you can establish yourself. You could pack some food for them that they would still like and NOT stop for fast food. I'm not talking 'snacks,' I'm talking 'picnic.' If it seems like you never get around to making up the 'basket,' just buy the stuff ready-made for awhile until it starts to bother you that it's more expensive than you could make yourself.

Even if they complain, give them some playing cards, make sure they have books to read, make sure they have music (must have for teenagers) and let them eat what you have packed in a cooler. Make sure there are some treats in there, too, along with sandwiches, but just one or two beverages. Make sure your bathroom break is at the start - maybe they can make it through the whole trip without too many stops. Make the drive as pleasant as you can manage and you'll make good time, too, without stops along the way.

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