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Default Motivational Thread March 17-March 23

Good morning, everyone!

I haven't posted for several days, but have been eating on track. Exercise and water have been lacking. But I'm ready to work harder this week.

Boy, did I pay dearly for instant gratification last night! I was craving chocolate and didn't have any dark chocolate but I had a bag of sugar free caramel filled milk chocolate candy. I usually eat only two pieces of the dark chocolate--a serving is five pieces. I ate the whole bag of milk chocolate, which is about TEN pieces and wound up with a horrible stomach ache--I'm guessing from all the sugar alcohols and other fake ingredients.

I haven't weighed since Friday and even though I know the cause of my hands and feet aching is from indulging in too much sodium from turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and deli sliced lunch meats, I continued to eat them. I usually don't crave salt, so I don't know what's up with that. I did go to the butcher shop yesterday, though, and bought some very low sodium store-cooked roast beef and some low sodium turkey breast. I'm swearing off turkey bacon and sausage until my water retention goes away.

Off to exercise and I can't come back here until I do.
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