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Default Juice Feast Starting Today

Hi guys,

Forum noobie here. I've started a juice fast/feast today to clear up a sinus issue that I have. I have been about 50-60% raw since 2006 with many instances of 100% so I'm hoping I heal within a month of juicing. However, I'm willing to go as long as it takes. After the feast I hope to transition to and maintain an all raw diet.

This sinus issue would be a non issue if I stay all raw but I haven't been. The moment I start eating cooked foods my nose starts to clog up. Certain foods are worse than others with vegan foods being the least offenders.

I've suffered with clogged nostrils/breathing problems for decades and numerous visits to several doctors, and an operation for a deviated septum did not help. The only thing that helped was eating a raw food diet.

So after 7 years of flirting with a raw diet and enduring unnecessary pain and anguish when I have gone back to cooked I've finally decided to go all raw by starting with a juice cleanse.

I know it's not as simple as stating it, believe me, because I love cooked foods but I feel I've have come to a place in my life where I have accepted my fate with equanimity and only wants to move forward now.

Thanks for reading! Good luck everyone in your own endeavors.
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