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For once I'm going to agree with tandoorichicken, chickpea flour is really good stuff! Our house was gluten free for a long time. If you want some good recipes with chickpea flour (aka garbanzo bean flour) check out the cookbooks by Bette Hagman, aka "The Gluten Free Gourmet". She has a ton of them out there and every last one of them is a keeper.

One thing I might caution is that if your body is not used to ground beans or really beans of any kind, you'll want to ease into using chickpea flour, because like any good bean, it contains the potential for, um, some GI music.

As for taste, it's a subtle difference, sort of like the difference in taste between say a slice of whole wheat bread and a bite of chickpeas, similar but a little different all the same. Chickpea flour also does not contain gluten like wheat flour does, so it tends to make a heavier product and it's a bit complicated getting it to rise. Think "heavy" German bakery bread rather than "Wonderbread" and you get the picture.
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