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It doesn't look like the original poster is still here, but I will reply anyway for those who are. I am married to a sabateur. He does not have a weight problem and doesn't like healthy foods. He wants me to lose weight, but does little things to make bad foods available to me. Like buy junk food, then only eat a little bit and the rest is here to tempt me. Like make too much for himself, and leave it there for me to finish. The only thing I can do is leave it there and eat my healthy food. It's up to me to eat the food or not. If I leave it to be thrown out, eventually he will stop doing it. If I eat it, then he won. When I cook dinner, I make potatoes for him and I eat meat and veggies. We eat out often so we can each order what we want. We do not do fast food, just some local sit down restaurants. You can't make a person eat healthy if they don't want to, but you can set an example and hope that they will come around.
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