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Hi Sarah, this is your thread and I didn't even say hello! how rude of me, I was just giddy with excitement i think.
Hi Zaba and Hick too.

Good day today, no cravings, although slightly headachey. Stuck to yesterdays menu. Really looking forward to tonights Italian mushrooms. Yum yum.

Hick your comment about being scottish and not having tatties made me laugh, it's like me being from Yorkshire and not having tea. Well I just couldn't do it, so I've cut dowm. I can't live without tea and how much damage can it do?
I've been snacking on boiled eggs, cooked chicken, tuna mayo wrapped in a lettice leaf, celery with cream cheese, ham rolled up with cream cheese and bits of cheese! This is all very Atkinsy though, not sure if you're following Atkins or are just trying for a general carb reduction?

Zaba so that I make sense to you (at least for a while) I converted, I'm 65.3 kgs and need to be 57.2 because I'm only a wee little 150 cms!

Thanks for the welcome Tracey! It's a small world.....

I started on Monday so my weigh in will be Monday (but may have a sneaky peek in between)

Tomorrows menu which I'll prep tonight is
B:Eggs (really quite sick of this now...breakfast suggestions anyone?)
L:Turkey salad
D: Roast pork, mashed cauliflower with cheese, green beans (and a teeny tiny bit of gravy???please?? no i mustn't ) But on the bright side I can eat the crackling yum yum
ROF: (rest of family..roasted tatties and peas too) Do you all cook seperatley for families or try to incorporate what you're having?

Can I ask which diet you're all following if any?

I've been getting confused with the USA food listings for example today I'm having green beans which I thought would be french beans in usa terms. However french beans had a whopping 60 carbs in and the packaging on my green beans was nowhere near that amount. I found string beans which sounded much more like but no idea what the differences are.

Anywhoo I'm waffling again, thanks for the warm welcome and looking forward to keeping up with you all.

Noticed that I talk about food a lot??? mmm obsessed, moi??

I'm waffling again!!!!

Hope to see you soon bbodenstein


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