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Default Why do i exercise better on an empty stomach?

I've read that you should eat a little something before exercising, like a least an hour beforehand. Something like fruit and yogurt, or a banana. But every time I've tried to do this, I find I can't exercise for as long. It's like I have less energy and get tired really quickly.

I usually start at 5am with core exercises, as I have arthritis in my spine and a slipped disc. I need to strengthen these muscles, especially my lower back, then I'll mix it up on different days, eg, The Biggest Loser on the Wii, Wii Fit Plus, Tae Bo, running, stretch and tone, free weights, whatever. I'm able to exercise for longer on an empty stomach - nearly 2 hours this morning with energy to spare.

Is anyone else the same?

Some experts think this is ok and others don't.
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