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If I'm reading your question correctly, you say that your clothes feel looser but you aren't losing pounds. I also read that you are exercising. It may be that your clothes feel looser because you are exercising - and that's a good thing!

It isn't reflected in weight loss (pounds) but that doesn't mean you aren't looking better. I'm sure you must feel better, compared to when you are not exercising.

Exercise doesn't 'spot reduce' but it does strengthen muscles. When your muscles hold you upright better, your waist is going to look and be slimmer, even though you didn't lose weight in a particular spot. What was sagging down on itself is now stretched out and stronger, and that even makes some people gain perhaps 1/4 or 1/2 of an inch in height! So, good work, you!

As for motivation, there is a motivation section here and you can always get the spirit by participating or just reading about someone else's success.

Dieting does take a while to accomplish loss of pounds - except in the case of water weight! That's the surprising weight loss usually at the beginning of a focused diet. The rate levels off after that.
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