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Hello everyone, I am new here but I have been looking at the page regularly for the past month. I joined because I feel like I need motivation to lose the weight/fat. I started my healthier eating approach in February and I weighed 216 lbs and would like to weigh 190 lbs by October. My "problem" is whenever I try to lose weight I don't lose lbs but my clothes start to fit looser which is a good but then (which is what happened this morning) although my outfit fits looser I saw some fat around my waist that I was not there for the past couple weeks and this have me feeling a bit discouraged. Has anyone ever went through something like this before? It happens all the time and I tell myself it makes so sense I'm eating better and exercising and not seeing the results I want. I read a motivation post this morning (I cannot remember the poster's name, I think it was lildebbieg, forgive me if I'm incorrect) but it was along the lines of not giving up on a dream because of the length of time it will take to accomplish the dream, the time is going to pass anyway and it made me feel less "troubled". I do not have anyone else around me trying to lose weight so I feel like I'm by myself in this situation. Thank you for reading and I hope someone can help me out.

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