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Hi...I weigh in on a Friday...there used to be a thread in one of the other forums and we'd put our weight in there, I tried to keep it going after the originator stopped doing it but it seems to have trickled to a stop. Shame, as it really motivated me...But still weigh myself and keep track of it on my home page.

Does anyone have any suggestions for snacks? I eat a tonne of fruit but am trying to get my carbs down, so any alternatives to the 2 apples, banana and other stuff I eat would be greatfully received. I'm not really a big raw veg person, and I work in an office at a pc so it really needs to be able to be eaten in that environment...

am going to devise a new fitness regime this afternoon (quiet office just now!) as have let that side go too...and I wonder why I'm on a plateau!?!?!
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