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The benefits of drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies
Every now and then you start to listen to the voice in the back of your thoughts...the one that reminds you that you are getting older and you need to take better care of yourself...this voice...for me...talks a lot about eating greens, eating fruit...and drinking water (but I already wrote that hub about water)...anyway eating greens has always been a challenge for plate always seems to pass by the vegetables when dinner time comes...I used to eat more fruit when I was younger...not so much these days until I decided to do something about mom...once again...stepped in with a wonderful gift of the Montel Williams HealthMaster...she'd been raving about the product for some time...she believes that it is a better choice to the regular juicer because it makes smoothies with the vegetables and fruits combined and it does not extract the so many people believe that the pulp is just as important as the juice...its fibrous nature is important to the digestive I did some research and came across a few sites that agreed with my mom...I decided to start making and drinking the smoothies...well to my surprise I got right into it and I've been drinking the stuff since...which is about the same time I started this new road to a healthier life...I've been drinking way more water and exercising again...all in all the smoothies have helped my energy level and one of the most important differences I have found for myself is less tenderness in the gums...hmmmmmmm....that definitely isn't something I read...I didn't try some recipe for happened organically while I was experimenting with the basic recipes...finally I mixed one that I truly enjoy and find it tasty and healing!
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