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Default adding up activities

Kind of a personal topic, so that's why I put it in the women's corner. If anyone knows the answer, please chime in. I was putting in my activities today: shopping, sleeping and the standard "seated with some movement" for my lifestyle. Then I added sex, moderate effort. and my calories burned actually went down. I figured out that the system says both sex, moderate effort and seated with some movement are 2 calories burned for every minute, although the calories burned will go down if you add in sex. If you just leave it at seated with some movement the day's calories burned will be higher. I would like to think that sex with moderate effort would be worth more than me sitting at my desk and getting up every so often. Anyone ever notice that before? I'm kind of baffled. "Sorry honey. We can't have sex today because FitDay says it will cost me calories burned." lol

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