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Default New Here....75 pound club?

I am kind of new too. I actually signed up last year, but off and on with this and that and I am pretty much in the same boat I was in at this time last year. What a waste of time.
If I had used that year wisely, I would probably be at my ideal weight. I have a real problem with my food intake too. I love to exercise also, and I am doing Tony Little's weight training tape every other day. However, on my alternate days when I should be walking, I hadn't done anything. I will never get to my goal like this.
Stress, makes me eat.....all day.....anything. I usually start my healthy eating (diet) program every morning, but by lunchtime, it's over. I really need help too. Maybe we can encourage each other.
I was just thinking today, if there was some natural aid to help me from getting hungry. I am going through cravings now, more than ever. I thought about erasing my whole message here, but I also need encouragement. I am at my end. Don't know how to make it through one day on my diet.
I will continue though, to log my foods and exercise until I am totally conditioned and changed and healthy. Hope to hear from you again. Hey, we are both here on Fitday, so we have taken that first step. Let's encourage each other and look forward to reaching our goals!
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