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there are different types of fasting methods that I've read about. I've also read from multiple sources that its effectiveness for women is well below the results men have seen from using IF (intermittent fasting) methods. It basically breaks down to the calorie deficit though there are people who claim that the fast actually puts your body in a mode where it will burn fat rather than muscle when in a fasted state. Most IF diets use a "window" for caloric intake. I have been experimenting with IF a little myself and I go with an 18/6 split. basically 18 hrs of fasting and take in my daily calories in a 6 hour window. I have also done a couple periods of 24 hour fasts. where I would eat dinner one night, and not eat again until dinner the following night. I haven't noticed any insane results beyond what eating on a regular diet with caloric deficit has shown. However, I enjoy IF simply because I have learned to control my hunger. The first 24 hour fast was a little tough.. About a week later when I did my second, it was a little easier. It gives you a real perspective on the difference between "mental hunger" and actual "body hunger". For me that has been the plus side of IF. Learning the difference between my mind telling me it's time to eat out of habit, or boredom... and my body telling me that there is a real hunger there. Makes it much easier when you know you can control the mental hunger, to pass up junky food while on the road, or at work, etc... So you know you can wait until you get home and have a GOOD healthy meal.
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