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Default Hungry Girl Flatout Breads

I just found the new Hungry Girl Flatouts at the Walmart deli today, and I got 2 types from the wide variety. I got the Original Foldit Rosemary & Olive Oil and I got the Artisan Thin Crust Pizza in Traditional White. I just ate a Foldit for lunch. It is a very good size...I am stuffed with one. It is only 100 calories like some other "light" breads, but it is far from it. It is thick and substantial enough that it would hold a burger if you wanted it to. The one I got has 20g carb, 3g fiber and 6g protein. It can be grilled or put in the oven too.

I also got the Artisan Pizza Bread in white. It is big for 140 calories, 27g carb, 3g fiber and 7g protein. Imagine how many calories and carbs you would save by making of these for yourself on pizza night. I've got ideas of a white pizza with cheeses, chicken, caramelized onions, mushrooms and maybe some pesto or something. Oh, yum! That sounds great to me. And I can eat it completely guilt fee and I know I will get totally full and satisfied.

They have other varieties that have less calories, more fiber and protein and less carbs, too, like the whole wheat with flax.

I highly recommend these! They don't feel like eating "light" bread. I am full and feel like I ate a big no-no. Check them out and find out where to get them in your area at I found mine in the deli department, not with the other breads.

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