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Originally Posted by JediMindTricks View Post
lildebbieg...Thank you for the welcome. I have seen cans of protein powder in the health food section that are extremely expensive, and I would never pay that much money for them. But I can get unsweetened, unflavored protein powder from the bulk bins at Sprouts for a fraction of the cost. Is it essentially the same thing, do you know? Also, I keep track of my protein and it has been about 1/2 of the minimum my health coach says I should aim for. Some days I don't eat any meat, and particularly on those days it is hard for me to get anywhere near what she says to get. So I have been thinking about getting powder to supplement.
Great question! I've seen the plain protein powder at Bulk Barn, but I've never tried it or read the ingredients. We don't have a Sprouts here either so I can't speak on their product. You could always ask your health coach if the Sprouts stuff compares to the other more expensive brands. My guess is, it would be the same but without a Brand Name, it sells for less money....just a guess though.

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