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Debbie, thanks for the welcome back. Kudos on your exercise! My low carb tortillas are only 5 net carbs and I love them--actually prefer them to regular bread after eating them for several years. They are rather doughy and I can actually use them for calzones by folding them over the filling, moistening the edges with water, crimping them shut with a fork, and baking on parchment paper in the oven for 10 minutes. I also use the tortillas as pizza crust--put them in a skillet to toast them and then put pre-warmed toppings on it and then top with cheese and cover the skillet until the cheese is melted. Oh, thanks so much for the low carb recipe link. I have several but have never seen this one and will check that out after I exercise this morning. I sent you a PM with the name of my bootcamp DVD because it's from another weightloss support website and Mike or another administrator would probably have to delete it from my post. My first day back felt good--did better on my exercise than I expected--31 minutes divided into two sessions--as far as my stamina honestly took me and I'm proud of myself for that, ate totally on track, but forgot about water. I'll have a goal of 48 oz. of water today.

Aimee, hi! Well done on your exercise. Your shake sounds yummy. I manage my blood sugar through diet alone (reversed from pre-diabetic to normal) and so wish I could eat bananas, but it does sound delicious. I do, though, have some low carb protein shake mix that does taste like banana. I'll add some vanilla and cinnamon. Thanks for the idea. Admirable goals--especially with the small meals. I aim for 1200-1500 calories per day and am not as active as I should be--1/2 hour exercise per day is my target, but right now I'm having to split that into two sessions.

JediMindTricks, that's wonderful that you're exercising with your son! My doctor wholeheartedly agrees that babysteps are good--in fact, she recommended that for me last December in getting back to exercise. I had Pinterest before but terminated my account. I may give that a try again. Thanks for the recommendation.

Libby, you seem to be doing really well. Congratulations on your hard work!

Kumochi, thanks for the welcome back. I used the protein shakes to get my count up, too. My doc finally agrees with me that I can handle 120g per day and my protein numbers are quite normal in my bloodwork--and that more protein helps me lose weight more easily.

Jenn, way to go on your walking yesterday! Just do the best you can--as long as you go as far as your stamina will take you without overdoing it, you're getting a good workout. I'm a little stiff since getting back to exercise yesterday for the first time since January 10, but I'm not sore. I couldn't do all I'd have liked, but I honestly went as far as my stamina would take me. I did 18 minutes of my bootcamp DVD (6 minutes of warmup and 12 minutes of intense (for ME) cardio and later I did 13 minutes of aerobic walking which was the equivalent of .8 miles. I'll try to add two minutes more exercise today however I can accomplish that.
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