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Thumbs up Food poisoning and working out

Okay I have had food poisoning for about a week, I feel much better from it then I did on friday. It started about Tuesday night late and was at its worst on Thursday after noon to Saturday morning. Constant puking and I low key felt like I was dying I couldn't move and I was delirious. But I'm much better now, didn't see a doctor I just drank alot of organic plain yogurt for the probiotics and drank organic chicken broth and drank a bunch of water. Now that I'm almost over it ive gotten sick with some kind of chest cold but I feel like I can work out. Anyone have any recommendations for what kind of workouts I should attempt right now? I was thinking some indoor cardio because it's too hot outside and I'm afraid to run out of water too quickly and I wanted to do some kind of strength training or some kinetics. I'm not trying to push too hard that's why the gym and outside is out of the question but I NEED to do something lol I've felt soo lazy the past week I've done nothing but lay there any advice would be much appreciated
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