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I have a Champion and LOVE it. I have been using it once a week for seven years. The thing to be careful about is if you want to do wheat grass, kale, or what ever floppy food, you need to make sure the juicer you want can handle it. I got a less expensive model because I do not juice anything floppy that would wind up around the expresser parts. The stuff I read said to drink juice 15 minutes or more before food so the nutrients get all sucked up before adding other food to your stomach. I do that and it makes me feel great. If you add fruits remember to count the calories and carbs carefully, it is easy to just not count that in your dailies because "it is healthy juice" it is healthy, but not calorie free. I juice vegetables and beets to keep the calories down. I add one lemon and one apple per batch to cut any bitterness but add the lowest calories. Some people add salt to boost the already out of this world flavor. Oh, my advice is to start out slow, maybe one cup per day for a while to let you body get used to it. Fresh juice can be a bit of a flush to your system if you know what I mean. My doctor told me to drink on it for three days and then freeze it and take it out as I go. Meaning fresh juice loses its nutrients after three days. I follow that guideline.
I compost the tailings. Some people have friends with chickens they give that stuff to.
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