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Talking love my juicer

In December I began researching and considering purchasing a juicer. In January, I settled on the Cuisinart CJE 1000 which I think I posted on another thread, so if anyone decides I'm paid to say nice things about it - nope. (I wish!) I'm just really happy with it.

The price on amazon was the best found and I wrote a review for them. (I'm a single, working mom and I don't part with my money easily.) You get great features for the money and it is within your price range. It's a nice design that I don't mind having it on my kitchen counter even when not in use - which I think is important! If you stow it away, I think you tend to use it less.

Since taking it out of the box, I juice several times per week. Mostly veggies - every night I prepare a big bowl of different veggies and herbs that I if truth were told - I would NOT eat that often. I look forward to it and miss it on days when I can't juice. I feel great, I know I'm doing something really good for me AND I'm down 15 lbs in 6 weeks.

Did I mention that I'm really happy with it?
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