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MollySue, sorry about the 1#, but it sounds like u had a nice time with your father, which makes it worth it in my book. Good luck this week making up for it. Hey, u never know, either, it could be water weight.

Agarner, 2# great job!! Good luck w/ the bday party.

As for me, I haven't weighed in, yet. I believe I am the same, though. My measurements are the same. I forgot to weigh until after I had my coffee and bkfast, which always adds on more. I will weigh in tomorrow, I promise.

I bought some soy protein powder in the hopes of adding it to my morning coffee. I didn' know that it doesn't dissolve in hot, soooo. I have been trying to add it in other ways. So far I don't like it in yogurt or yogurt smoothies. I have an issue with the grainy texture. It was most palatable in just cold water, strangely enough. Trying to see if increasing my protein will help me.

Missmatch: Wow 3#s. Great job. I cannot wait until I reach the 130s.

Lucky29Charm- I agree. Chocolate and cheese is at the top of my indulgence list and it really sucks that they REALLY pack on everything, fat, calories blah blah blah. It really should be exempt.
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