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It was the food logging that did it for me. I've always been reasonably active, and I do lots of different physical activities when time permits but it was the eating issue. Too much junk food, too much take out. When I started logging and seeing what I was eating, I learned to eat healthier and especially homemade (e.g., taking my lunch to work). I didn't follow any particular diet just kept my cals around 1200 (max 1400). On special occasions I would have some but in smaller portions. That's it. The "magic" was the patience. Not to feel deprived and not to give up.

I haven't been as active as usual, I was moving my office and the weather of course sucks and I am carpooling. I've also been having some junk. Time to get a grip!

Libby glad to see you are still here. This forum helped me a lot. That's why I am back.

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