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I have some tips here that is very successful. I have tried it and you will feel some good results.
  1. At first you have a real expectation to balance specific arm toning exercise.
  2. Now check your BMI
  3. Avoid greasy or fatty foods.
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Ignore sports nutrition bar
  6. don't miss your breakfast.
  7. Do aerobic exercise such as swimming, dancing, running, or even walking
  8. choose to take high-fiber carbs, lean proteins and green vegetables
  9. establish a routine to keep exercising
  10. Do Bench press.
  11. Do bench dips.
  12. Do push ups.
  13. Do bicep curls.
  14. Do pull ups.
  15. Do arm circles.
  16. Do a side plank reverse fly.
  17. Do a shoulder press.
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