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Hey, to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))

Hick, I owe you an answer from yesterday :-)
I'm 33 :-) (I don't know if it counts but I look younger ; least people say so :-)) )
For many years I've been practicing sports, actively (volleyball) and for the last few years I've been lazy for everything and my kilograms were just going and going up and up and up :-(
Now, I weigh 90 kilograms...pardon, 87,5 kg :-D (I weigh myself this morning :-D). I was 90kg when I started with all this on 5.5. (six days ago!!!). And I'm telling you, I'm not doing any diet I'm just working myself out (till I drop dead of exercise :-D).
I didn't say that I'm 173cm high so I really don't look that huge when you look at me :-) but when I look at myself I know. You can imagine that my boyfriend doesn't know how much I really weigh. When we spoke the last time about it (and you know that he did weigh me on himself :-))) ) he told me that I have around 75 kg!!! And I thought to myself: Jesus, if I would weigh 75 I would call myself a princess!!! :-))
I just laughed and let him think what he wants and told him that when I come to 75kg, I'll tell him and then he will tell me how do I look ;-))
So, my goal for now is 83 kg by the 20.6.2010.(sorry I have really big problems in recalculating kilogram into your lb and pounds :-(... )
I want to return at least a part of my last summer's weight :-)))

And about bad relationships - I just can tell that when it's over, at least to me, it helps to lose weight like in a second :-)) and when I'm happy after that I eat like crazy :-/
But, now, my 5 years younger boyfriend supports me with all of this even he told me: "To me you're beautiful just the way you are." (yeah, right :-D) And, since he is with me he gained a little, but you know men. They know how to make an advantage of it (of their sexy tummy, and so on...grrr... :-)
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