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Originally Posted by BlueBrooke View Post
I check in every few months to see if anything's happened. I can see it hasn't.

I have v.1 of Fitday PC and was thinking of upgrading -- thus my visit tonight. I can't see that v.2 is any different than v.1. The screenshots show dates from over ten years ago (and look like what I already have in v.1) and I would expect to see a list of new features in v.2, if there was anything to list.

Book-learned nerds can bang out a satisfactory Android app in a weekend or two -- provided they have a sufficient supply of pizza and Red Bull. They listen to their users, implement enhancements that are requested, fix bugs that are reported -- this is how they show their appreciation. Most give away their work for free. The ones that do charge a buck or two probably make enough to buy another weekend's worth of pizza.

It's pretty clear FitDay has no intention of listening. I agree with you -- it's time to stop asking.
Yep, I'm on the same boat. I have the v.1 app, was a premium member for a year or so and finally switched over to MyFitnessPal. I'm very happy with it AND it syncs with a FitBit! The only explanation I can think of is there is a very small development team at FitDay...sad really.
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