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OK, so first of all- I cannot figure out where to change my signature!
I was on here in 2010 and doing really well. My father passed away, and I pretty much just didn't have the energy or motivation to stick with it. I have had a few failed attempts since then, but this time, I am back!

So- my question of the day is- I need ideas for how to eat more protein.
I am not a big meat eater (I do eat SOME meat, but I also eat a lot of vegetarian foods and meals, which tend to have less protein). I can't eat eggs currently. And I am allergic to certain kinds of nuts, so although I do try to incorporate some nuts in, it's not something I think I should be relying on (I was originally only allergic to pine nuts, then macadamia nuts, then pistachio.. .you get the picture-- I am afraid I will one day be allergic to all nuts, ugh). I DO eat PB on celery or apples as a snack. And do eat walnuts in salads, etc, but I need to find other ways to eat more protein.

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