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Default Teenager on a Mission for a Healthy Life

Hi I am Liz, I just turned 15 and I want to have a better lifestyle. I been going through a rough few years and want to get myself out of it. I have tried to lose weight and eat healthier before but it hasn't turned out well due to a lack of faith in myself. I been recently diagnosed with depression and low self esteem. I am over weight and it is do to I am an emotional eater, I deal with everyone's problems and I am afraid of doing something stupid in front of my friends and pupils and saying the wrong thing. But I want to be healthier and lose weight for myself to boost my self confidence and self esteem.

I have never used FitDay before and I would also need help. I never really stick to things because I get bored fast it seems. I want to stick to something that will work and I will see results. I tried a diet once and I was on it for a month and there was no results in my size or my weight. I will probably need a lot of motivation and support to keep me going to reach my goal. I am 5 6' and 168 pounds. I want to weigh around 130-135. I don't want to be skinny as a twig but I also want to be toned.

I would appreciate everyone's support and opinions. Thanks
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