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Hello :waves frantically:

Just joined up today. I started Atkins last week and lost 3lbs but then cheated over the weekend. So I'm restarting today with more resolve and also with my husband on board so hopefully no more cheating.
I'm 5 foot nothing and 10st 4 (144lbs), ideally would like to be 8.5-9st(119-126lbs).

Hello to Tracey, I'm also in Leeds!

Hi Bbodenstein :waves frantically again:

Sorry to hear of you recent problems and glad to hear things are so much better, onwards and upwards!
I really enjoyed doing Atkins last week,it was a couple of family celebrations that broke me. I'm now seriously serious about doing this strictly.

I've made my food diary public and would love to chat Atkins with you. I'm sure you can give me a lot of advice and tell me where I'm going wrong?Hopefully I can give you moral support
My food diary looks like I'm not really eating enough but it seemed plenty,
Today I had
B:scrambled 2 X eggs + 2 x bacon
L: cucumber, lettuce, toms and a big slice of frittata made with bacon, chicken, brocolli, peppers, onions, eggs and cheese with mayo
D: will be asparagus and a poached egg....will also have either turkey steak or tuna mayo as a snack.

I work FT and have 3 children so the key for me is planning in advance so I'm going to try noting down the next days menu here also to make me think and keep track. So tomorrow I'm planning;
B:bacon n eggs again
L:Niciose: salad veggies with olives, green beans, hard boiled eggs and tuna
D: giant mushrooms stuffed with beef bolognese mix topped with melted cheese served with brocolli.

I'll update my diary as I go.....

I've been reading a lot of info on Atkins Bulletin Board which I've found helpful, have you visited there before?

Looking forward to keeping up with everyones journey.

So sorry for waffling

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