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Yeesh....I'm so far off the track that I'm off roading!!! Trying desperately to pull it together. I'm struggling with some personal stuff that's really taking a toll

Aimee - I'm with you girl! Worst time of the month! My scale has devil horns right now and is laughing at me every time I step on it!

Mary - You're not alone! I haven't posted much this week....been feeling off for a week now....trying desperately to get back on track!

Hoping everyone is having a better week than me! I posted this motivational quote a while back....I wasn't even sure if anyone was getting anything from these quotes. I was happy to see it bumped up this week which had me reading it again. Funny, I was posting that to help motivate someone else, but I really needed to read that today! Thank you!!

"Today, give yourself the consideration and kindness you’d extend to the people you love. If you’re dissatisfied with your progress, remind yourself of all you’ve accomplished. If you made a mistake, cut yourself from slack."

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

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