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Congrats, MollySue, on holding your own when visiting the family. That is always a challenge. Good for you for changing those thighs...that is my ultimate goal now

Andrea and Mambo...right on track and working toward your goals! Glad your dedication paid off for you with a loss this week!

Beth...don't even get me started on the Atlanta airport! With parking and delays and general chaos, we usually drive if we can...when we visit MD, we stop overnight in Roanoke . Sounds like maintaining your exercise was as easy as breathing to you, so congrats for that. Hope you had a wonderful week with your daughter and her family. I'm sure you miss them already but in a way there is some relief to getting back to normal routines.

Myra, sounds like you are off to a solid start in building the good habits. Good work; it will pay off!

Quinn, congrats on the three months . Way to go! Was thinking about what to post...great minds think alike...I was going to address the variety issue as well today. I'm starting to feel like I eat the same things and do the same exercises; not every day, obviously, but there are certain things I pick from and I really need to get more adventurous.

Missmatch, just saw your post! I'm excited for you! Three pounds and into the 130s! Very nice!

This is a crazy time of year for us, too...last two weeks of school and sports and concerts coming faster than I can keep track; we weren't home one night last week. Dinner is challenging when you don't have enough time to plan it, let alone cook it!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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