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Andrea* You're 1/2 way there! That's a huge accomplishment! Be proud of your milestone.

Mambo* I know exactly what you're saying about crazy schedules... ugh. Hang in there. Summer's almost here. You're down 10 pounds! Another great milestone!

Beth* Glad to have you back. I bet the time spent with family was worth both of those two pounds and much more! Should have called Cassie when at the airport to bring you some carrot sticks or something! lol

As for me, still maintaining. This weeks goal is to try and bring more variety into my diet. I've found that if I eat the same things pretty much every day, I'll maintain but not the wisest idea nutrition-wise. With all of the wonderful fruits and veggies coming in, it shouldn't be hard. I read an article in Prevention yesterday that said if you continue to count calories and log food after you reach your goal, you may be obsessing. But, seriously, I'm not sure how to do it without watching my calorie and ratio amounts without slipping back into old habits. hmm..... It also said that if you label foods as "good" or "bad" that that was obsessive, as well. (...which I always do.) I suppose I can stop logging for a week and see what happens, but it seems really dumb.

Guess the key is to do what works for us.
Congratulations, everyone!


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