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Hi all. I'm struggling for some reason. I've been doing so well for so many months, but for some reason in the last week or so, I just feel like I've hit a brick wall. This wall feels like it's insurmountable! Not trying to bring anyone down....I'm just losing my fitness mojo. I'm going to need to dig deep to move past this! This has happened in the past...I achieve some success only to lose motivation and stop progressing. Why do I do this? Normally this happens much sooner than 5 months I have to think this time is different. **Sigh!**

Becca - Hope your feeling better soon! Congrats on your weight loss this past week!!

Mary - 800 calorie deficit!!! Maybe that's what I start counting calories again so I can see my deficit. I track calories burned in my workouts, but haven't tracked calories in months! I do love to see numbers....for a while at least and then that starts to drive me nuts...but maybe that will pull me out of my slump?!?!?!

Ian - Hi! Welcome back (I assume you were here before by your post). Very reasonable goals for a whole year!

Canary - Congrats on your progress!

Aimee - Love y our quote! Thanks for posting that...I needed that today!

Libby - I'm with you lady! I needed a day off exercise today is the day! Nothing wrong with a little rest, but let's check back in with each other this week to ensure we get back to our workouts

Hebrew77 - Welcome! Stick around! The more the merrier

Okay, I feel a little better having just posted to my fitday friends. Deep breathe...keep moving forward right!!?!?!?

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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