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Default Motivation for Feb 4

Hello Fitsters! Today is my birthday, and I thought I'd say Hi to y'all!

Today I turn 56. I'm 5 ft, 2.5 inches and a few minutes ago weighed 115.

Last time I checked in with FitDay was Jan 1. At that time I wanted to loose my holiday bloat, and get back down to 115 before a ski trip on the first of February. Well, I made it! The first couple pounds were pretty easy, water weight I presume, but I had to work for the others. Anyway, I've been skiing this morning, and have been having fun, but the wind and snow picked up so we decided to sit the afternoon out.

I thought of you all after reading the headline news regarding new study showing the significant relationship between added sugar consumption and the increased risk of Cardiovascular disease mortality. As well as the increased risks of obesity, high blood pressure, dementia, type 2 diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, and high cholesterol from excessive sugar consumption. Those of you who remember my prior postings may recall that I really wanted to start tracking my sugar consumption, because that is my worst food habit - my sweet tooth.

And -- as I typed that last sentence there was a knock on the door of my hotel room, and someone handed me a plate of chocolate covered strawberries! I kid you not! (Two are gone already!)

So, that's my 'stretch' goal for the coming year - Cut back on my sugar consumption by 20% (um, starting tomorrow.)

Not to mention (again) that I wish Fitday would add Sugar to their food database!

Yes, I can (and do) log my food elsewhere, but I miss some of the perquisites of the Fitday reports. (My thanks to Jim and Russ Determan! I couldn't have had my weight loss success without your help.)

Best of luck to all of you in your weight loss journey, and my best wishes to all who are suffering from pernicious illnesses.

Oh, & I agree - "Don't try - Do"

- Donna
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