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wow, that is awesome! 4.1 miles i want to get back into shape to do that again...

2nd job week, trying to control my tired eating when i get home at night. I was right, the weight spike was my period and I'm back down to 202. Haven't lost any yet. Went shopping and got all fresh veggies and fruits, some plain yogurt. I've been looking more at sugar now than fat to try and stop those cravings. I biked a lot last week but was more lazy than i wanted to be this weekend. I had to babysit my nephews because my sisters dog was sick and needed to go to the vet. Her husband is overseas so she doesn't have a lot of people to fall back on for emergencies. Did some gardening though, in the rain, lots of digging.
I've hit a wall with stress though and i can already feel it creeping up on me. My future husband has been laid off for a year and has been trying to find work. We just found out that he only has 7 weeks of unemployment left because the government is stopping the extension program. My landlord is trying to raise rent outside the terms of our lease. Might have a way out though with financial hardship, my parents are moving to a larger place and they said we could take the top floor and move in with them until things get settled. My father has been out of work also so my mom is afraid of his extensions ending and they will need help with rent too. At least the weather has been nice...except for tomorrow...but this has been one of the nicest springs since college. Trying to use the outdoors and exercise as a stress reliever to keep from eating, so far so good.
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