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I got very lazy with my juicer and tired of getting rid of the pulp left over after juicing. I think now I have some better ideas about what to do with that, so I may pull the juicer out of the back of the cabinet.

I just throw everything in a food processor and grind it up as fine as possible since I want to have the fiber anyway. A really nice fresh smooth juice is tastier, though, and very refreshing!

One thing you might try if you don't get much response here about juicers is the reviews that people put on of all the juicers they sell there online. Some items have hundreds and hundreds of reviews. When I bought a coffeemaker, I sifted through reviews there and it took hours. What I ended up buying was just what I wanted, and now I know how many coffeemakers there are out there that erupt and spray coffee all over your kitchen (a few).
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