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Thanks for the info on the calories. I did some research before and from what I've read the calories burned per time is pretty similar between elliptical and actual running. I'm not so much concerned about the calories I'm burning, I get a great burn on the elliptical and I sweat enough to know that it's working! The actual running is more of just a personal goal I want to accomplish. When I was in school and into wrestling/baseball through my youth, I always enjoyed running. I want to feel that "runners high" like I used to, but I knew that at my starting weight I wouldn't be able to jump straight into running. I broke my right leg twice (femur in one accident, tib/fib in a seperate one about 3 years later) and the impact of running is one of the things I used as an excuse to let my health slip away. So for me, getting back into running, getting my legs strong enough to get a good run in, is a mountain I need to climb.

Several times over the years, I made the mistake of going from "unhealthy" and trying to "get back in shape" but not taking time to build the strength and shed the weight like I am this time. I would try to jump back into running outdoors, and after a few times of not being able to walk the next day due to extreme knee pain, I would stop my journey all together and use it as an excuse.

It's one of the things I talk about early in this thread, about giving up the excuses. This time I will NOT let it be an excuse. I will build the strength of my knee and my legs, as well as shed the weight, and get back to the point of being able to run outdoors. I've just learned that I have to take my time and build my body back up and regain my health to be able to climb those mountains!

I do appreciate the input though, I am still learning every day about ways to better maintain a healthy lifestyle. And although this thread is a journal of sorts, it is nice to get some replies every now and again. Nice to know I'm not just talking to myself all the time, hehe. So thanks!
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