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Arrow Before, now..... and someday I'll get to "after".

Hi all, I'm terrified to post my pics. I'm not beauty queen. Especially with mid-forties creeping up on me. But, i thought having pics up would sort of "force" me to see where I started....and look at how I am going to continue to progress.

I went from seriously ill, pretty damn close to bedridden a few years ago. But, lots of medical testing & trials with this or that drug have finally lifted the pain to a tolerable level, as well as my years & years of HEAVY (no pun intended ) depression.

I have a degenerative arthritis so i have to be careful about my exercise. Right now I work out 6 days a week. I do 3 days of group water aerobics classes (very fun ,& aside from the initial horror of wearing a bathing suit in public, it's become my favorite form of exercise because I hate getting overly hot & sweaty...and it doesn't leave me hurting for days). I also do 3 days of machine & free weights. I worked up to this over 3 months & I had a personal trainer give me pointers so i don't hurt myself further. I find I actually really like lifting the weight too. the machines are easier for me, but the trainer gave me some great free weight exercises that will help bring me strength in my arms, back, abs & chest too. Areas that had severely atrophied with my illnesses (ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia & a crushed vertibrae in my lower back).
I am also dieting. trying to eat whole foods as much as possible. Trying to eat clean, lowering carbs & eating only complex when I do: whole grains/legumes/beans/lentils, etc. I've seriously upped my protein, especially on weight lifting days. Cut out MOST sugar, salt & sat. fat & soda... as much as possible on a budget, anyway. salt is by far the hardest if you at all use anything canned.
I treat myself to fat free frozen yogurt & toppings (within reason. Say 1 cup of yogurt, with chopped almonds, strawberries & aprox. HALF an Oreo in crumbs) once per week.

So, comes the hard part. The pics!
The first was taken last year, it's the best I have, sadly. Weight lose before and after the really great.The second pic was taken yesterday. I am down about 21 pounds from pic 1 to 2. i will update the pics every 20 pounds. It'll be a LONG process...but I can't wait to look back & see the changes recorded here.
I started at 232, am now 209...looking to get to 140 this year. BTW- I am 5'5". I started as a size 3x top, 22 pants, 24 swimsuit. I am now in a 18 pant (XL pant in workout stretchy clothes), 1-2 X top, and size 16/18 swimsuit.
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